Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday - A bridge for Los Gomez

Today while the clinical team continues their weekend stay at Ometepe Island, I walked over to Doug and Julie's house in Jinotepe for a ride with them and friends out of town to Los Gomez to help work on a suspended walking bridge project. In the rainy season, this agricultural area is cut off by a creek that floods the only access road to this village (picture below). People cross a creek which floods up to 3 meters high by holding onto a cable across the creek. We worked along side of some Engineers without Borders college students from Colorado, people from Bridges to Prosperity and local workers from that community.
Today's project was to hand mix 4 cubic meters of concrete on the ground. The concrete mixing lasted from 9:30 til 2:30 with lunch breaks in shifts at the job site. Was a long, hot, exhausting day for an old guy like me, but was great to lend a hand on a project that means so much to the people of this community.

The pictures below show both sides of the bridge supports, the bridge cables passing through yellow tubes, concrete being hand mixed on the ground and the progress of pour. I added the cattle drive picture just for fun!

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