Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gary lied...

Back in semi-civilization & feeling beyond blessed. Our team stays divided while Mary & I returned to Jinotepe, Terry & Lynne went back to the beach house after our excursion today. Gary only lied because plans changed: It seems that any team that can stay out at the beach house, will in order to cut costs.

Clinic yesterday was amazing and I am still trying to organize my thoughts & journal entry to properly describe it. There was a much needed humbling moment in the early afternoon where I let myself start thinking about how sore, tired, homesick & hungry I was when one of the interpreters asked me, "If you knew it would be like this, would you still come?" My heart answered before my head caught up with a resounding, "Yes!" Due to that, I will be heading out to do clinic work tomorrow and Friday as Amy & Gary seem to have this painting thing down pat until the college students arrive to finish up the job.

Today we went to explore Mombacho: an ancient yet still active volcano that actually formed one of the surrounding islands (Grenada) 15-20 thousand years ago in an eruption. There was a 45 minute hike that completely took me unawares that I was in no way physically prepared for. I made it even though I skipped a side trail. The entire team was amazing and supportive to stay with me and let me rest as I needed.

Dinner tonight consisted of some pretty darn good pizza & lots of laughs. Off to shower & sleep better than a baby.


PS - Check out these pics from yesterday & today!

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