Saturday, March 9, 2013

Split up again...

After last night (Friday) having a great time being all together at the Casa Mateo hotel in Jinotepe, our group of six is now split in three directions. I rode to the Managua airport to see off Chandra and Mary this morning for their trip home. As I type this, they should be on the last leg of their flight back home. They are scheduled to arrive in Washington/Dulles at 11:30 Saturday night. Chandra was planning on being at the late Hub City Vineyard service tomorrow morning. If she and you are there, give her a big hug for me! After dropping the ladies at the airport. We went on a search for a belt for a broken down hotel van. Luckily the interpreter is very aware of where to find auto parts in Managua Then we went back to the airport to pickup three new members of the clinical team. I along with duffle bags full of newly arrived items from the states got dropped at Casa Mateo late this afternoon.

Terry, Lynne and Amy went to Ometepe Island with the rest of the clinical group this weekend. Part of "loving others" is loving this country. And that they will definitely do this weekend.

I am back at Casa Mateo tonight by myself (shed a tear for me). At 8:30 tomorrow morning I am heading to a local bridge building project coordinated by Doug along with Engineers Without Borders. There is talk of needing enough manpower to hand mix several cubic yards of concrete on the ground. I'll need lots of Vitamin I in the morning! That's what us desk-workers turned construction folks call 800 mg of prescription ibuprofen. Hopefully there will be a blog post and pictures of this effort tomorrow night if I can still move my arms.

The picture below is the school bus being loaded for today's trip to Ometepe Island. The bus will cross to the island on a ferry and stay with the clinical folks for the weekend.

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