Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday in Nica - guest blogger Gary

Today was our first full work day in Nicaragua. Chanda, Amy and I worked in Jinotepe painting a primer coat on stucco walls of a building that will eventually be a library and education center. This is our church's second year working with our Vineyard friends, Doug and Julie Effinger. We are all a little tired and sun soaked, but with the tiredness comes a sense of accomplish of a good's days work. Chanda left the hotel tonight at 7:00 p.m. to make her way to the Pacific coast with two of the interpreters to join the rest of the clinical team.  A 45 minute drive in a bench seat Toyota pickup truck (think 1990 vintage, copper in color). Chandra will be helping with a beachside clinic tomorrow   and seeing that part of the country for the first time. Amy and I stayed back in Jinotepe for more primer painting tomorrow! Finishing some outside work in the morning then moving inside in the afternoon to avoid then direct sun.

Terry, Mary and Lynne worked at a community clinic today.  One of the interpreters reported that they saw approximately 80 people. The housing at the beach house is described at "elegant camping." Bunk rooms, shared baths, cold showers, limited water for showers and flushing.  But... with a killer view of the Pacific Ocean.  I'm sure Chandra will be publishing pictures when she returns to the world of WiFi later this week.

The weather here is cold for Nica standards.  It was 60 degrees and very breezy last night! High's in the low 80's and brilliant sun today.  More of the same with increasing temps forecasted as the week progresses. No rain in sight. Just like in Hagerstown, right?

Pray for continued health and safety was our work continues tomorrow. The high winds are causing issues with blowing dust in our eyes and triggering allergies. But God's provision continues to amaze our little group.

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