Friday, March 8, 2013

My last 2 full days in Nicaragua...

I don't know quite how to describe clinics other than humbling & awesome.  I think that Gary described it best when explaining to Doug that I had chosen clinics over painting, "Sorry, but you don't have Nica babies..."

Terry, Lynne, Mary & I were at clinic yesterday and saw mostly women & children.  I was again on heights and weights and was even able to check heartrates on people that I could find a pulse on.  Today, Amy came with us and took over heights & weights so that I could help out in the "farmacia" (pharmacy).  Workin with Peter (a kind & quie man with an awesome sense of humor and great intelligence) was really cool.  For someone without a medical background other than a nurse mom, it was fun giving flouride treatments to kids (all of which had some form of decay), filling out labels for people's medicines (en español), providing said meds, explaining said meds (en español) to people and then being hugged and blessed profusely (en español) by the people of this amazing culture.

Tired & sore dont really begin to describe my current state, but Mary & I are homeward bound tomorrow while Amy, Lynne & Terry head to Ometepe for the weekend before next week's health fairs.  Our fearless leader will be heading out to work with Doug on the bridge projects.

Prayers for comtinued safety and traveling would be much appreciated.

Love to all back home!

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